What to look for when buying a burglary safe

home securityA burglary safe is currently the most popular type of safe for the home. Designed to protect valuables against criminals, it is where you can store cash, jewelry, important papers and other valuables that you want to keep secure. When buying for a burglary safe, consider the following:

1. UL listed Group 2 lock. These are safe locks that are rigorously tested and are certified by the UL to conform to safety and security standards. When searching for UL listed group 2 lock, look for one of these labels: UL Listed”, “UL Recognized”, or “UL Classified.”

2. Burglar rated or high security. Burglary safes are created specifically to protect valuables in case of a break in, and should not be mistaken for a fire safe. Fire safes are built to protect against fire, but will not withstand attacks because as it uses thin metal and can be easily damaged. Look for burglar rated safes or a high security safe.

3. Weight and steel thickness. Heaviness is often a good indication of a quality safe. A quality burglar safe is made up of a thick solid steel and should be heavy.

4. Ease of use. Choose a safe that will be easy and convenient to use but will not be easily opened by a burglar. For convenience and added security, an electronic lock can be used.

home security

Strauss safe stands up to burglars attack

Protect your precious belongings in the unfortunate event of a fire or burglary. We offer many sizes to suit your needs – from wall safes to vault doors for your home security.

Call or email Strauss today for service or to have a salesperson provide a quote.

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