Burglary Made Easy

burglary made easyAre you making it easy for burglars? If you are doing these home security mistakes, the answer might be yes.

1. Leaving windows and doors unlocked. “Most burglaries take place through open doors and open windows. In a third of the completed burglaries, the burglar forced entry into the home; in two thirds, the burglar gained entry through an unlocked door or open window.” -Crime in America.Net

2. Leaving shed unsecured. Leaving your shed unlocked will give burglars access to your home. Easy-to-remember tip: “Use your head, lock your shed”

3. Keeping house keys near windows and doors, or leaving keys inside locks. Tip: House keys should be kept out of sight and in a safe place only known by you.

4. Having high fences. Believe it or not, burglars prefer to break in a house with high fences. This makes it easier for them to carry out their nefarious activities without getting caught. Tip: Keep your front fence to no more than 3 feet high, and the fencing at the back of the house to 6 feet high.

5. Leaving your bike unlocked. Store your bicycle in a shed or garage and lock using a good quality lock

6. Leaving ladders and gardening tools in a clearly visible and reachable location. These tools, when left unsecured can be used as tools to rob your home.

7. Broadcasting travel plans on social media sites. Posting your vacation plans on social media sites is like telling burglars to rob your home.  Avoid posting travel plans, updates and photos until you return.


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