Drones for Home Security Announced by Japanese Firm



Over the past few years, home security has been given a major makeover. One of the biggest advancements given to keeping the home safe has always been home monitoring systems through the use of smartphones. As 2012 draws itself to a close, Japanese firm Secom has no plans of backing down with their plans on intensifying home security measures for the next year.

Earlier this week, Secom announced their latest development of a prototype drone created to be a part of home security services provided to its customers. Instead of having a remote controlled drone, this one is autonomous and based on a quadrocopter design.

Based on their announcement, the drone will be equipped with a minute sized security camera capable of calling the authorities as soon as the alarm system has detected an intruder. Additionally, the drone contains a smart feature of determining whether the officials need to be called or not.

“The flying robot could take off if our online security systems detect any unauthorized entry,” says Asuka Saitotold, spokeswoman of Secom. “It would enable us to quickly check out what’s actually happening on the spot.”

Homeowners who are excited to get the drone will have to wait until April 2004 as the drones will be made available for rent until then for about 5,000 Yen or $58 a month.


[Source: Forbes]

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