Home Renovation: The Usual Costs


As a homeowner, it is normal that you would want to renovate your home so that you can keep it looking its best. But with the rising costs, are you prepared for the amount of money you can expect to spend for your hoe renovation? More importantly, are you aware of the type of home renovation you want for your home? Since each home renovation project has a different price, you need to be aware of how much you might be spending in beautifying your home.

Custom-Built Home

Usually, custom-built homes cost more than the ones that are readily available. The usual cost of having a custom-built home range between $551,200 and $760,300.

Complete Home Remodel

If you plan to have a top-to-bottom home renovation, you should be prepared to spend around $192,724. However, these types of projects tend to go over budget so you should be prepared to spend more.

Swimming Pool Installation

Most families either add or replace a swimming pool in their property. The average cost for installing a pool is usually $34,190.

New Kitchen

Other than the bathroom, the kitchen is the second part of the home that gets upgrades. While there is an option to get a professional kitchen designer, it is not necessarily the best decision as these can cost up to $300,000. The average cost of having a kitchen remodeled is around $24,766.

Bathroom Remodel

The average cost involved in remodeling a bathroom can be around $10,723 but even so, there are a lot of homeowners who plan to remodel this room in their home.


Source: Bloomberg

Photo: myhomedesign.net

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