Automatic Doors From Strauss Security Solutions

automatic door 2

Think of how many times you walk into a business over the course of a week. Not only do you go into your own office, you’re doing other things like going to the mall, the movies, the grocery store, and…
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Commercial Door Hardware For The New Year – Part 2


If you keep up with the Strauss Security Solutions blog, you have probably read last weeks blog post featuring part one of a two part commercial door hardware series. To read that post, click here. With the arrival of 2015,…
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Commercial Door Hardware For The New Year – Part 1


Last week we featured a post about home security cameras for the new year. If you haven’t read about the types of home security cameras we can install for you at Strauss Security Solutions, click here. Keeping your home safe…
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Home Security Cameras For The New Year


It’s a new year, and new year’s resolutions are in full swing. Common resolutions include working out more, eating healthier, spending more time with family, quitting smoking, and volunteering. What resolutions are you making this year? Maybe you should consider…
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Master Key Systems For Your Business


Carrying a lot of keys around can be an inconvenience, yet a lot of us still do it. You may be carrying around your house or apartment key, key to your office building, key to your office door, car key,…
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Smoke Detector Tips From Strauss Security Solutions

smoke detector

Even though we may not have a lot of snow to prove it, winter is almost officially here. For many people that means holiday lights, cooking for parties, using the fireplace again, and lighting candles more often. While all of…
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Meeting ADA Standards At Your Des Moines Area Business

des moines

If you are a business owner, there is probably a long list of things that are important to you. Your customers or clients are likely pretty high on that list. The customers are the people that help keep your business…
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Home, Fire, Gun, and Pistol Safes From Strauss


Where do you keep your most important documents and assets? Maybe you keep them in an old shoe box in your hall closet, or possibly in a filing cabinet in your office. Even though you may think these are safe…
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4 Tips From Strauss To Keep Your Home Safe This December


It will be December in less than one week. That means we’ve almost made it through another year and the holiday season has arrived. While December can be a fun and exciting time for many families, it’s also an important…
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High Security Locks For Your Des Moines Business


Keeping your business safe is a necessity. That’s why at Strauss Security Solutions we offer services such as security cameras, security systems, and commercial safes. Something that can be easily overlooked, however, are the locks on your doors. Odds are…
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